Cristóbal the weather maker….

So I’m into the final week of domestic training here in hot and sticky Montreal. Big Mike has a nice week of hardness and pain planned. I’m feeling as good as ever, connected almost all the time. Most importantly I’m still able to maintain the paces that are going to be necessary to even be a player at the games.

The weather here in Montreal has been less than stellar the past week. Not as hot as I’d like, very windy and pretty cloudy. I place the blame on Cristobal. No, i do not believe the Mexican 2006 1000m world champ José Everardo Cristóbal Quirino is somehow controlling the weather. Rather that damn tropical storm that bears his name is messing up our usual hot, muggy, smoggy summer weather.

If this were any other year i would be all for the clouds and slightly cooler weather. This year, however, i was looking forward to the usual Montreal mugginess. I was hoping that the smog and heat might help my lungs get ready for the weather in Beijing. Despite the best efforts of the city of Beijing the latest I’ve heard is that they have not really managed any significant cut down of the smog. I was hoping that i could “acclimatize” a little this summer here at home to cut down on the shock. Sadly it’s been very reasonable training weather (that’s not one we hear often) with only a few afternoons near the 30 degree mark. Maybe this week we’ll get some of the heat i was hoping for.

I would like the chance to say thanks to Larry Cain, a true great in Canadian sport history, who has a blog on the CBC and will be doing some reporting during the games. He wrote an awesome piece on me last week and because of it my ugly mug ended up on the CBC home page. I thought that was pretty cool. You can read Larry’s blog here: (sorry my hyper links aren’t working, just a copy paste should do the trick

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