Back in the Game…

Well it was a better race than Monday…obviously. I was more focused and ready for the hurt. It really makes a difference when you haven’t raced in a long time. I was surprised on Monday by how painful it got, so damn quickly. Even though I’ve been training for it i was still shocked to feel it. Anyway, stage two is out of the way. That was a good race today but I’ve got a little more in the tank, especially on that first half. I know that to be there at the end I’m going to have to be faster through the first 250 and not shy away from really going from the 250-500. After the 500 it’s all guts and focus till the line.

I’m really excited and happy to be feeling back on track again. Big Mike is happy with it and i can tell he’s relieved to see that I’m racing the way i can race. Daddy-o (Tamas Buday our national team canoe coach) came by and gave me a hug. Said it looks good and relaxed. I can live with that. Any compliment from someone who has been around the highest level of paddling in the world for 35 years is one i take to heart.

Once again your encouragment is awesome. I read all the letters I’m sorry if i don’t reply.

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