Food, Drink and Possible Delays

Yesterday night we were invited to a special dinner held at Canada house for our team. The spread was wicked. Delicious food and some cold ones helped to take my mind off what’s to come and break the monotony. It was nice to eat somewhere else and really just relax. Canada house is really something. Looks awesome and I’m looking forward to spending some more time there when I’m done racing. The picture below is of the dinning room right before we tucked in.

If any of you have been following rowing, you’ll have noticed that there have been delays due to bad weather. It can unleash pretty quickly here in Shunyi; big wind and lots of thunder and lighting. Obviously racing can’t happen in the lighting, but I personally find the wind more of danger. I’m curious to see whether or not we’ll end up having our races postponed a day. It has happened to our rear facing brethren twice this week so it’s possible that we could be in for some interesting schedule changes. I’ll have it updated here if anything happens next week. Not much else to tell. Training is good and we’ve geared down the volume by a lot. Working on feeling good and relaxed at that target stroke rate of 60 strokes per minute.

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