Forgetfulness, White Lighting and Fog

I forgot to mention a few things last night. I guess i can be forgiving as it was around 12:15am and i hadn’t slept since…well i’m not sure when.

What i forgot to mention was the send-off that Mazda Canada threw for us in Toronto on Monday night. We were picked up from the airport Sheraton in stretch Lincoln Navigators and taken to Lobby Bar, right across the street from the ROM. There we were fed a delicious dinner and, after some serious arm twisting, we were coerced into indulging in the open bar. Just before dinner we received, as a gift from Mazda Canada, Bose Quiet Comfort (Q3) headphones. These were just amazing on the flight. They cut the engine and white noise down to almost nothing. Needless to say the sound quality was amazing, but more importantly they really allowed me to zone out and pass out. Big thanks to Mazda for a great night!

We paddled for the first time today; the course is beautiful and immense. The water was great and it was really neat to see the rowers out getting ready to race. It’s really amazing to see an eight go by and hear the precise swoosh as the take their strokes in perfect unison. As much as there is imaginary bad blood between rowers and paddlers (they’re jealous because we know where we are going…HA), they have a truly beautiful sport.

It was nice to see Nuno the Nelo man who brings us our boats, as well as a good service and a good time when the racing is over, (read Chivas Regal). I’ve got back “White Lighting” my boat from Europe this year, and she’s feeling good and looking good. All white with some red highlights. I hope to have some pictures up soon. It’s really cool to have my name plastered along the side of the boat in blood red letters. Can’t help but make one feel professional. That said i took some very unprofessional strokes this morning after two days off. By the end of the workout i was feeling technically pretty good, if not a little winded. Big Mike is saying it looks better then I felt and that everything is right on track.

Now on to the fog, or to be more precise, the smog: The sun is a red disc that one can easily stare at with normal sunglasses on (i know this isn’t safe). The air is a yellow brown sickly colour. I didn’t notice the air while paddling. I don’t think there was any effect. Even if there was it was well masked by two days of traveling and five hours of sleep. So, in short yes the air quality is poor, but i don’t think it’ll be a problem for us.

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