Sadly SAD

Well it’s official. I’ve been stricken with SAD. I feel like I’m stranded on a really hot islet off of Baffin Island in January. I haven’t had a clear view of the sun since leaving Toronto and I’m damn well missing it. It’s a cruel irony when you’re outside sweating bullets but the grey sky makes it look like you’re about to go for a ski. Spirits are waning in the heat and constant grey, yellow sky. Ok, that was all a lie. The sky is a sickly hue, but Spirits are more than fine and my excitement level is certainly not waning at this point. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to heading to the east coast once all is said and done here. We have our National Championships there on Lake Banook and I can’t wait to throw on the old green and white of my home canoe club, Pointe-Claire. Fingers are crossed that we might get some sun out east; at the very least we’re guaranteed fresh air, which will be a godsend.

I know that back home the Canadian team is getting a lot of flak for under performing. I stumbled across a quote today that I feel sends the right message: Mediocrity is forgiven more easily than talent –Emil Krotky

I don’t have much too much else to report. The food is the same. The water is good and busy. The Germans are here and it’s raining. I’ve included a couple of pictures to make up for the lack of words.

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