The Eagle has Landed

We’re here!! We arrived this afternoon to an awesome reception here in Beijing. With only a little time to explore the village, i quickly rushed to the official Beijing Olympic store to buy some presents. Then headed to the post office and stopped to check out some traditional Chinese art and crafts on the way.

Everything is pristine and BIG. It’s really amazing to see what they’ve done. The village is beautiful with streams, bridges and cut stone walkways. The residences are big condo style buildings about 10 stories tall. It’s amazing to see all the giant flags hanging from them.

After the village we attended the flag raising ceremony where they (you guessed it) raised the flag. We then received some new GSM phones from bell that are pretty sweet. After tinkering with the phones and waiting for our massage therapist, who went AWOL in about the first ten minutes after our arrival, we hopped a bus to the Dragon Villas. Upon arrival we received a royal welcome from an incredibly friendly staff. For those who don’t know we are staying closer to our competition venue which is located about 40km outside of Beijing.

One last thing before i go to bed. Apart from a guard who wanted me to walk all the way around a one foot high fence rather then step over it (i did step over it and received nothing worse than a stink eye), I cannot stress enough how incredibly helpful and friendly everyone is here. All the volunteers go out of their way to assist us with anything we need. It helps to make one feel very special and cared for. Needless to say we’re walking with our tired and travel weary heads held high. Good Night!

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