The End of The End!

Nationals are finished and all is well. I had three races out of a possible eight. I don’t know how anyone manages that. My c-1 1000m was a great race and as hard as any i’ve raced. It was so close I was convinced Mark Oldershaw had the race for about 40 minutes, until finally someone old me i had won. Anyway needless to say it was a great week with awesome races all around. I’m excited to here how my club of Pointe-Claire finished overall. I know we were well on our way to our best nationals ever.

My season is over and it’s time to rest. We have our big end of year party tonight, which is usually a great time, until about 10am the next day. I can’t put into words how happy i am that this amazing season is over. It was long, hard, stressful and a dream. I’ve had people from the paddling community coming to me all weekend telling me how happy they are for my, or how proud they are, and i honestly don’t know what to say to them but thank you. Its very surreal for me. I appreciate the showing of support and respect, but i can’t help but feel silly being on the receiving end of it. It’s overwhelming.

I wish i had more to say. I don’t really. I’m thrilled to be resting and proud of my canoe club. I’m looking forward to getting back in the boat in about a month or so and working on the ever elusive canoe technique.

Thanks again, and please continue checking out the site as i will be updating it periodically throughout the offseason.

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