The End

This will be the last of the Olympic Blogs, for about four years if all goes well. The last time i wrote was saturday morning after a wild friday of racing and interviews. Since then i’ve watched Adam make us proud and show the world he is the class act we thought he was, the mens K2 have a great race against an incredibly deep field and of course the mens C2 miss a medal by less than half a second. That wrapped up our racing and time at Shunyi. The next day we were out of there and on to the great wall. It was amazing. About as cool as you’d think it would be. Though the part we saw had been repaired and sadly, the vendors hawking their wares on the walk up, do detract a bit from the romance of it, it’s still incredible. We were fortunate enough to be there on a clear day so we could see the mountains in the distance and the wall stretch off in either direction. Hard not to imagine the MIsty Mountains looking something like this. Beautiful.

After the Wall we headed to the village to move in there for the closing ceremonies and the night. As an Oakley athlete i was invited to a party that had awesome grill’s going on a roof top terace complete with sand, corona and reggae music to set the mood. It turned out the Jamaican team was having a party there as well, and yes Bolt was there, and yes he’s big and always surrounded by people. Oakley gives their athletes who win medals watches with either bronze, silver or gold highlights depending on the colour of the medal. So now I’m the proud owner of a cool Oakley Holeshot watch with bronze highlights.

The closing was great! Thank god it was shorter than the opening. The London 2012 show was great. Jimmy Page, need i sat more. That night i passed out. It was great. The next morning it was a pack and prepare for the 36 hour odyssey home. It was long and predictably boring. When we arrived in Montreal an hour late, at midnight, there was a quick press conference and then it was a tour around the neighborhood to see signs that my neighbors put up to congratulate me. I unpacked repacked and caught a plan to Halifax at eight the next morning. I’m now here racing at our National Championships and fighting jet lag!

I’ll continue to update this blog periodically when anything interesting in the paddling world happens to me. Up next will be the Mazda Sprint Cup in Toronto on september 14th.

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