Nelo Meeting of Champions

I’m just outside of Porto, Portugal for Nelo’s meeting of Champions. I’m sharing a room with a view of the ocean in a beautiful seaside town. I am here for four days, and starting tomorrow the party begins. Nelo is the premier boat makers in the world of sprint canoe/kayak and they provide the majority of the kayaks at the olympics and probably just over half of the canoes. This is the second time Nelo has held this event, the meeting of champions. It’s a party hoseted by them for us, the athletes. Its a chance for those of us who performed well on the world cup circuit and participated in the olympics to meet each other and celebrate our successes.

There are a ton of fun things planed for us. But one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me, happened today… see photos below..yes a new boat, the new model of the C1 i use. Big thanks to Nelo and Nuno for their awesome support!!!

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