An Honour

This past week i returned to my old High School, now called Lakeside Academy, to talk about my experiences in Beijing. I was there to hopefully motivate some of the students to believe in themselves and excel in whatever realm they choose. I guess i won’t know if i was successful or not, but it was really nice to return. Many of my old teachers who had retired after i graduated returned to say hello and listen to my talk.

A highlight of the day for me was the presentation of a new award to be handed out every year to a student who excels in both school and sport(i did stress that throughout high school i was an AVERAGE student, but it didn’t seem to matter). The award is called the Thomas Hall award and comes with a 100$ as well. I was truly flattered and hope that in future years i can be present to present the award.

Thank you LHS for a great five years at the end of the 90’s and a true honour this past thursday.

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