The Habs vs. Leafs and Wendel Clark

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs and the COC invited all the medalists from the Beijing Olympics to watch the season opener from the Leafs’ gondola. The night started off with a quick banquet at the Fairmont Royal York where we, the athletes, received our medal bonus from the COC. So that was nice. Then we walked down to the Air Canada Center to eat and watch the Habs…well…crush the leafs. I’m not a huge fan of hockey but it seems like the leafs are in for a rough season. While there i met Chrish Bosh and Wendel Clark, not to mention a bunch of Olympic medalists. The night was great and was topped off by a quick visit to the home of the Canadian Athletes Now Fund office/home to see Jane and Conrad and have some drinks and of course, pumpkin pie.

We had the option to bring a guest along to this event and i finally had a chance to give my sister a worthy birthday present. Lets just say i’ve been lax in that department for a long while. I also owe her something for her taking care of the phones and people while i was away in Beijing. She, being a hockey fan, really enjoyed the evening…i hope.

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