I’m down in Florida, enjoying the sun and working on some of the things i mentioned in my previous post. I haven’t had the longest fall KM wise. In fact it’s been incredibly short due to moving around all the time. I feel ok about it though. I’ve had a chance to get some more tests on my shoulder, and more importantly just rest after a long hard year. It’s a funny thing resting as much as i had this year. I’ve never trained so little through September and october before. Resting after a quadrennial is something i haven’t had to do before. In fact in fall 2004 i had one of my longest falls ever. I looked on the 2005 season as a good time to break onto the senior team. So i ended up training like crazy, and it worked, i had a great set of trials in the spring that year. I had made some important technical changes in the fall, and i was motivated, so i trained hard in the winter and spring.

I think it’s important for younger athletes not to get too caught up in the post Olympic break. This a time for non-olympic team members to make big gains and changes. I’m not going as easy as i could be this fall. I feel that it’s necessary to keep up a certain level of training. I’ve been doing drills almost ever second workout and really trying to paddle better, i’ve also been focusing on weights and abs.

Once again questions are a good thing, i’m quickly running out of ideas on things to write!

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