McGill Swimming: Good luck!

On this past tuesday, i had a chance to sit down with the McGill swim team and talk to them about my experiences in sport and how i deal with racing, training and finding balance…etc, for about forty minutes or so. It was great fun for me, i’ve played a lot of intramural soccer with the swim team in the past, and am never shy to say that being a two time c-division intramural champion is something i am extremely proud of. They’re great athletes and their ability to get up at 5am is awe-inspiring. I can do it, but i usually go to bed after for a couple of hours. They’re student athletes who train like it’s their job, and that is what it means to be an amateur athlete. Because you sure as hell wouldn’t find anyone who didn’t love it, up at five and in a cold pool in January.

Oh, and they also have a cool website, click the above link…(note to Webmaster Clark: we need something like that!)

Good luck on the weekend!

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