Poznan..windy? Never……

Well once again Poznan has to delay races until the next morning. My races were good today but it was a day for the plastex boats, they ride higher and have higher gunnels and because of that don’t take on as much water and the Nelo’s i prefer. In fact in the 500m A-final the first four boats by open water were plastex, which never happens on a normal day. In Beijing for instance 5 out of the 6 c-1 medals were in a nelo. This is the third time this has happened to me in my career (i think), the first was here last year, the second was two weeks ago in Wellend at our trials and, of course, the third is today. I’ve decided that i don’t like it.

My 500m semi wasn’t great, i had a decent start and then ran into some trouble when my light body was tossed around like a toy by the big waves. The 1000m semi was better but i still had a lot of trouble in the waves. My 500m-B-final was delayed until tomorrow morning due to the above mentioned conditions. This is a bit of an issue because my 1000m A-final is an hour later. However this is what happens in an outdoor sport and really it will force me to warm up. I’m looking forward to the mental challenge of trying to stay focused despite the dramatic change in schedule.

The rest of team Canada did fairly well. The highlights were Adam finishing a tight second to the French athlete. The most exciting news is one of our girls K4’s tagged a second place in the K4 500m, it was a really strong race and they handled the wind really well. We were looking forward to watching Mark, my perennial competition, to kick some butt in the 500m but he along with all the other paddlers not in plastex boats succumbed to the waves.

Thats it for today hopefully things will have calmed down a bit for tomorrow!!

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