WC 2 is underway!

Day one is done and things are feeling surprisingly good. Poznan is notorious for how washy it can bur regardless i’m feeling pretty strong. My starts are better than they have ever been and i think carrying it through the distance is feeling better and better. Nelo has giving us some nice boats see the photo below, hopefully, internet in the hotel isn’t the most reliable. I felt pretty nervous this morning and this afternoon before my races and now that they’re done i can relax a bit. My fears that everyone will be ten seconds faster than me have been allayed and i know that i can move as fast or faster then i have ever done. Anyway the 500m final runs at 9:17 your time in montreal and hopefully i’ll be in there competing. The competition in the 500 is really strong and i’ve got a very solid semi-final.

Hopefully i’ll be able to provide an update tomorrow night.

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