Hi all! Sorry I haven’t been updating as frequently as usual. After EU i was home training for trials two in Nova Scotia. Trials there didn’t go very well. I felt focused but in reality my heart wasn’t in it, and if you’re not committed to going all the way in a race you don’t win; at least not against the other awesome guys here in Canada. I was frustrated with myself at first, it is hard to not win, but it’s even harder to win. I am actually in almost the exact same position i was in 2005 which i find pretty funny, i guess the only difference is experience. I know what it takes and I’m committed to doing it again. I have a great opportunity to make people proud in Halifax as part of an awesome C4 (four man canoe) and in truth its nice to share a bit of pressure with the guys in the boat.

To be honest I’m not terribly upset, i’ve been in this position more often than not and I’m really looking forward to our C4-1000m. I’m part of a great crew that was finalized here in Ottawa training camp: Ben “I live for pro-sports and tom hates them” Russell as stroke (the guy in front who sets the rhythm), Me (tom “it’s my blog so i don’t have to be mean to me” hall in second( as the guy in second), Ian “I’m smarter than you” Mortimer in third (his job is to help the guy in back with steering and give the boat power) and last but not least Richard “Irish eyes are smiling, in a deviant fashion” Dalton (his job is keeping us straight while going hard). We still don’t have the entry for the world championships we first have to race in Montreal at the third set of national team trials against anyone who wants a crack at the worlds entry. Its a safe bet there will be some serious contenders so come and watch next weekend at the olympic basin!

I wish i had more to write about. I’m really having a good time training with the guys again and being part of the crew. If there was anything i regret about the past year so far it would only be having done less work with the boys in florida and during the summer. I had kind of forgotten about the great atmosphere that comes with a training group.

And for any Sci-Fi lovers out there i’ve got a great one on the go that i’m sure most of you have already read: Rendezvous with Rama by the late Arthur C. Clark. Its great.

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