Arrival and twee-wha?

Hi All.

Today around noon the Canadian sprint canoe kayak team landed in NS. I quickly grabbed a bite and checked out my new digs here in Dartmouth. Then a trip to the course to see the Nelo team to check up on a new boat and the new and improved Lake Banook. It really looks great and I can’t wait to see the finished job come Wednesday. Tonight we had our usual team meeting during dinner. It was awesome to see the whole team together. In my years on the team this is by far the largest team i’ve been apart of. The CKC has done well providing us with our own dinning room and a separate drying/storage room. The hotel is about ten minutes max (driving) from the athletes area at the lake and the food, one meal in, is delicious. Tonight was capped with a walk on the bridge with Gab, Mark O, Ian, Angus “Goose” Mortimer (of Canadian K4 fame) and the legend and institution himself, Bernard Irvin the team masseuse, witch doctor and all around teller of tall tales.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed there is a new addition to the site. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and set up a twitter account. I’ve justified what i consider an extreme ego trip by convincing myself that this way i can update my site more frequently especially via my phone during competition and travel. I am aware that regardless of any justification i still have to believe that people are that interested in day to day happenings. I solemnly swear that i will not tweet for the sake of tweeting more than once a day.

The pic is of the C4 and our coach Tamas Buday out to lunch, literally, in Montreal.

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