Canada Games wrap up

I would like to thank Moira Lassen, Ashley Kilburn and Danika Tanguay and John for having me come to the Canada Games to represent Athletescan. My role included handing out medals to the canoe kayak athletes (who deserve a shout out for dealing with wild conditions with grace) and promoting athletescan whenever possible. For those who still don’t know, even though i’ve written it before ;), athletescan is a group that represents all national team athletes. They provide us with services such as the Bell athletes connect programme, in which we receive a cell phone and plan from bell free of charge. They are also our voice if we have any trouble within the realm of sport. I can go on but instead here’s a link .

My fellow ambassadors were, Jeane Lassen (Olympic Weightlifting) Benoit Huot (Paralympic swimming) and PEI native Jared Connaughton (Olympic Track and Field).Together we spoke to some Canada Games athletes about our experiences in sport. Some topics were: what drives us, what challenges we faced and our successes and failures. It was great for me to hear about their personal roads to excellence, its amazing how many different paths there are. But what really struck me was the commonality between us. All of us went through similar stages in our careers and have had numerous highs and lows. The real link between us was a commitment to work hard and make sacrifices all the while having fun. It was also interesting to hear some different motivational devices people used to get them going everyday for years. From time goals, to ensuring you have a coach that will keep you on task, it was clear that it’s important to find something that works for you.

It was really a great time with great people. AC had rented a house in Charlottetown and it was there we slept and snacked. Most of the time we were at venues or driving somewhere, though there was definitely time for a stop at cows for some ice cream, ok more than one stop. We got to see some events and rub shoulders with big shots in the amateur sports world. We tried hard to mention how much athletescan has helped us as athletes, a message i had no trouble conveying with sincerity.

I really had a great time and once again a big thank you to athletescan.

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