Day One: Heats, Home Course and Big news

Hi all.

Day one is complete. Our team has done well and everyone advanced either to a Semi-final or the final. It was a great day weather wise without too much sun, and a moderate head wind. You can feel the excitement in our tent as the races went down, Adam Vank and Mark O, led the way with victories in their heats. I can’t wait to see them light it up tomorrow in the semis. Our C4 was good, a solid first effort for our crew and personally i think a good hard semi final tomorrow will be nothing but good for us. We need to go out and stay long and calm and we should be fine.

The crowd has been awesome. Its great to see everyone out cheering loudly for us on a Thursday, i can’t wait to see the crowds on the weekend! Many of my international friends have come up to me to express how impressed they were with the turnout. The cheering is such a boost in that last little bit so keep it up.

Big news: This LINK will explain what’s up in news release jargon. Basically they’ve changed the Olympic schedule to exclude 500m mens events from the 2012 games and include 200m events. There has been talk of this or something like it for awhile. No one i’ve spoken too is happy about this. Sometimes change is good. However change for the sake of change and change for the wrong reasons is bad. In this case the changes are to accommodate fans. The belief in the ICF and IOC is that canoe kayak will become far more television friendly if sprints are the focus. The 200m is obviously a close race but 500m races can be ridiculously close, for example the C2 500m usually has all 9 crews within one second of each other over a race of 1:40. This represents a huge change for our sport as the last olympic schedule change was 30 years ago. The argument for the change lies partially in the risk of our sport being booted from the Olympics entirely. As summer Olympic sports go we don’t have many countries involved though not many countries equals on average 70 countries at our world championships. Frustrating when winter Olympic events often only have less than half that much.

I’ll keep you posted. I’ve begun tagging posts now for easy reference. Things like the general news can be found under… you guessed it, general. Racing can be found under competition…etc.

The pics are courtesy of Victoria Tuttles family. One is right before the finish we are in line with the third place Uzbeks with Germany out front and Ukraine on our right. The second photo is of our boat shoot.

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