Day Two: Semis Done.


The semi finals are complete and Canada advanced in almost all of our events. Once again Adam was the leader setting the bar for the rest of the team. Mark O raced well and advanced comfortably in both the 1000m and 500m. Andrew R. and Gab BS in the C2 had a really solid 1000m, followed by an incredibly tight 500m in which they squeaked in by fractions of a second. I’m proud to say my C4 won our semi final and have an awesome lane for tomorrow with respect to cheering. We’re over in lane eight near the crowd and expecting BIG CHEERS!! In mens kayak the K2 1000m made the final for the first time in close to 20 years. The mens K4 had a strong race but missed out on the a-final, however they’ll be racing the b with something to prove. My fellow PCCC paddlers Andrew Willows didn’t make it through to the A-final in the k2-500m despite a really amazing race. The women had a good day with the K1 1000m heading to the B-final along with Una Lounder and Kia Byers in the K2 500m.

I’m ready to go tomorrow and so are the rest of the guys. Ian, Rich and Ben are really pumped and I can’t wait. It’s a nice feeling when its the eve of the race and you feel confident and comfortable with what you’ve done to prepare. Its a far cry from cocky, but a little confidence in your training and preparation go along way to having a good sleep the night before racing.

Anyway send your good vibes east tomorrow and the rest of the weekend for all of team Canada. I’ll have pictures posted when i find some decent internet.

thanks again for the kind wishes those who’ve written in.

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