Worlds Prep

Hi all.

Things are hotting up as we approach the world championships next week in Dartmouth, NS. We’ve just finished a week in Ottawa training at the ever accommodating Rideau canoe club which, incidentally, is about to undergo a massive facelift this year. The boys are feeling strong and we’ve been steadily working away at our weaknesses getting ready for the big day. It’s hard to believe its only just over a week until we start racing. The volume in our training is winding down and the intensity is rising. In other words, it hurts more but it’s over faster.

Below is a picture of me training in Rideau last week. I’m in a Nelo vanquish 3 c-1 with normal side height to answer a recently posed question. I have had trouble deciding between a V2 and a V3 i find the 3 feels nice but i get considerable amounts of water coming in the front of the boat. I know some is do to a poor placement of the number holder, over which water shoots directly into the boat. I should be receiving a new V3 with high sides sometime soon. I have always preferred the normal height of gunnels as i tend to feel lost in the bigger feeling high sided boat. So to answer the question, i do use a normal height nelo V2 c1 but have been toying with a V3 and will soon be toying with a V3H (H=high gunnels).

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