Hawaii and The race

I’ve been in Hawaii for a about five days now training with the boys for our big 42 Mile Chanel race between the islands of Molokai and Oahu. The race is in a six man out-rigger canoe (think a traditional Polynesian style ocean going canoe) and there are nine of us. We each paddle for about 20 minutes and then jump in the ocean and someone else climbs in, ungracefully, to replace the jumper. The person who jumps in the ocean is picked up by our team chase boat and rests for about 20 minutes until they jump back in the water to replace someone else. This rotation happens for about 5 hours.

Other than racing we’ve been staying at our friend’s house here in Maui. Kai and Lauren have been awesome setting us up with an amazing place to stay part way up the dormant volcano. Kai makes high performance out-rigger canoe which are so much fun to paddle in big waves. I’m most definitely going to get my hands on one to mess around on in NS. Heres the link Kai Wa’a where you can find his boats, and also some videos of what i’m getting myself into CHECK IT OUT! Kai and Lauren are two of the best ocean paddlers around and have taught us much! Lauren was also an Olympic kayaker in Athens.

We’ve been practicing out of a local canoe club paddling out into the ocean to surf waves and practice our changes. We also had a chance to climb the volcano here in maui which is about 10 000 feet high. Here’s a pick of the GPS map i made. We hiked down into the crater on a marked path. Then we had a choice of whether to follow the path around the crater or run through the crater and try and hid from the windows of the park ranger station high on the crater’s edge. Running through a wasteland of volcanic debris while hiding from eyes perched high up on the edge of a cliff is so much like the Lord of The Rings its not even funny…its awesome. haha. We Managed to avoid the all seeing eye of Sauron but when we got to the point where we were supposed to rejoin the trail it turned out there were rangers, not the Dunadine rangers of middle earth, but park rangers who wouldn’t have been happy to see us meeting the trail from the wrong direction. Nine of us (which also fits with our theme) managed to creep through a dry river bed past their tents to a trail further along where we could have conceivably came from legally. We stopped had a snack and continued to a cliff face with switchbacks goings up for a couple of thousand feet. My gps recorded three km’s of hiking up the switch backs. Feeling guilty for not having really trained very much and drinking too much beer i ran up most of it. I’m still paying for that with sore legs two days later.

That was a big adventure but i’m expecting the race this weekend to be tops.

Anyway that’s all for now.

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