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Finally time for a real update. Since my last real post about Molokai I had moved back on to the water in Dartmouth and not enjoying the cold. On my last two days of paddling in Canada this year there was snow on the ground. Not cool. Anyway i’ve been in Florida for a week now and despite some wind it has been great. It’s so much easier to feel connected and like you’re really improving when not wearing four layers on your upper body and scared of falling in the five degree water.

Last week included a lot of the old standards of canoe training, long wash-rides, technique pieces, and some runs. A new for us last week was a causeway run. It’s a two minute thirty second run, for me, up one of the causeways that frequent the inter-coastal waterway here in Florida. We start about forty seconds shy of the incline so by the time you get to the start of the climb you’re already feeling it, and then hammer up for the next minute and forty or so. This new version of the infamous lap run is far harder. On saturday i teamed up with some of the girls to do a 16km wash-ride during which we held a sub 4:45 pace for most of it. It was by far the fastest i’ve gone through the canal down here. To top last week off we completed the old 8km hump run on Merritt Island I posted a decent time of 29:46, which really wasn’t bad considering the long paddle an hour before and the heat, though off my best done many years ago which was around 28:10 I think.

All in all the week was tiring and according to my Polar training journal was about as hard as any Florida week i’ve done. Here is a look at the causeway run. Max HR was 175 which is about my 95%. Though it is still a zone I can work in for long periods.

Here is another one from earlier in the week. On the water this time, 5×6 minutes on 2 mins off.  That dip in the third is a turn. Max hr 172.

In other news i’m super pumped about getting to run with the torch on December the tenth in Pointe-Claire! more info coming soon.

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