Back in the C-a-n-a-d-a

Not the same ring as USSR, but I’m excited nonetheless.
I’m back in Montreal for the week after an awesome training camp in Florida and a busy weekend in Toronto. This was probably the first time I’ve gone into a training camp out of shape and, consequently, came out of it in shape. In the past I’ve treated training camps, especially a fall camp, as an extension of my normal training. This year due to Moloka’i (see previous blogs), some bad weather at the end of October and start of November, I really hadn’t put the time in I usually would in the fall. All that combined with the knowledge of going to Florida in two weeks to train for a month in the sun, also helps to mitigate the guilt about slacking off. Anyway all this to say that I was out of shape at the start of camp.

I remember the first week of camp and how I was getting handled on the water by everyone. I couldn’t keep up. I knew that this was going to happen but it was tough mentally. By the second week things had gotten better and I was a little closer to the front of the group. By the third and forth weeks things were where they should be and, for the most part, I was keeping up and paddling well. We did numerous tests that all went really well, I did some personal tests on my own to measure fitness and they went well too. Obviously i’m happy about my Florida camp and the serious progress I felt I made over four weeks. I think that this was truly one of the hardest camps I’ve done. The volume wasn’t particularly high nor was intensity, but in light of my lack of intense consistent training over almost all of 2009 this was truly a kick in the pants.

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