Training Update

Training has been pretty good so far this January. I was hammering out some good swims with the team out east and now that I’m back in Montreal I’ve been out skiing and doing some pool paddling. I haven’t been running as much because I’m old and my hips hurt, but I’ve had some really good days in the gym. One of my last workouts with the team in Nova Scotia was a run, see HR graph below. It was a killer 8×4’/2′ at above threshold. My threshold is around 165 and the pieces typically had a sustained HR of between 170-178 (getting higher as the practice wore on, my max HR is around 182). I was happy to see my HR dropping about 50 beats within the first minute of rest after each four minute piece, a sign that I’m in still in shape. Andrew Russell, of Olympic canoe fame, and apparently a genuine food connoisseur (read the last few paragraphs), deserves a shout out for a big challenge on the first minute of the last piece.

As I mentioned above, now that I’m home training has taken on a more personal note. I’m working with Mike in the Paddle Pool and I’m consistently on my skis. Hopefully once my hip improves I’ll be able to get in some good hard track runs prior to heading down south to FLA for a few months.

That is it for now! I hope to be able to provide you with something interesting shortly!

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