New Project and News

Hi all.
As some of you know I’ve got a new project on the go, it’s a serious one for me as I get to represent my fellow canoe kayak athletes on the sprint racing council at Canoe Kayak Canada. I had my first meeting this weekend and it was a really interesting experience. Obviously, it’s not something I can write about at length here, but I can say it was great to be involved and I really hope to be a good rep for all my friends and fellow canoe-kayakers. From an athletes perspective there will be some exciting changes soon, and if any CKC athletes are reading this check your junk mail early this week for an email from me about details. For the rest of you, sit on your hands for a while.

In other news I’ve been busy training in Montreal. It’s been great to be in the paddle pool with Big Mike and training with the PCCC crew a little more is always inspiring. I’ve got some really exciting school visits coming up in the next two weeks that I’ll be sure to have some pictures of.  Stay posted.

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