Winter Olympics Done! and new site…

The games are finally done and I won’t bother going on about how crazy the last few days have been watching all the action. The Canadian crew down here in florida were at our favorite local restaurant, Hoagies, having some beers and watching the final hockey game (check out my twitter for pics, soon to be linked to my new site. My twitter account is  tomhallcanoe ). Watching here in Florida on NBC we had a distinctly different view from our friends at home, but NBC was very gracious towards their Canadian hosts and it seemed to me they went above and beyond to portray Canada as a friendly, distinct and, equal neighbour to the north. I felt like NBC avoided most of the Canadian cliches and though they overly dramatized almost everything, for the most part they over did it for us as well as their own athletes.

Sadly, during the games, Own The Podium got more attention than it deserved and at times took attention away from athletes.  In the end it was a success and I think people that criticized it missed the point; on the other hand it generated discussion about high level amateur sport and, in my opinion, that is never a bad thing.

Looking back at the last two weeks I can’t help but remember my time in Beijing and all the fun I had, obviously a different trip altogether but man the Olympics were / are fun.

So those of you who logged on may have noticed some things that are a little different than before. The Wizard webmeister Geoff Clark has touched things up a bit and hopefully will help me initiate some other exciting new changes soon. If anyone has an suggestions I’d love to here them. You can contact me or post comments. The categories pages work now, and the archives as well. Pictures will be up shortly.

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