New Boat

I received a new Nelo c-1 vanquish 2 on the weekend. Red and grey like the one in some of my pictures on the site with a green stripe on the back to represent PCCC. The green isn’t exactly right, it seems to be a little more Hungarian green than PCCC green but that isn’t a bad thing. The training camp has been good we’ve just come off our first four week cycle (three hard weeks followed by one recovery week) and are beginning the next stage of training. The first bit was a lot of long base work, this next cycle will involve some more aerobic power work, in other words 1000m training, mixed in with more base work.

We’ve got quite a ways till trials one in Montreal on May 15htish, so it’s important that we take things slowly. There isn’t much to else to report the pines is the pines is the pines and the whole team is down here doing what we always do. The minutiae of everyday life are essentially the same as at home: eating, sleeping, homework, reading for pleasure, watching terrible TV.

Exciting weekend coming up with Yak-For-A-Stack looming large. My roommates and I have been coming up with a clever costume, but I’ve heard rumor that Erika Taras has good one this year.

Anyway I’ll try to post some new videos soon. take care.

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