Szeged day one

The first day of the world cup season is over and it was a long one. I was up at 5:45 and at the course by 7:00, I had four hard races and made it back to the hotel by 19:00. Twelve hours at the course is never easy, and the pouring rain this morning was ominous, however it all cleared up and ended up being one of the calmest and nicest days i’ve ever had at Szeged.

My races went well and i’m really excited about having made the 500m final. It’s not everyday I make the 500m final at a world cup and if i do it means to me that i’m paddling pretty well; the 500m final is sunday. My 1000m races were good and i’m hoping to be able to do something tomorrow in the final. There are a lot of fast guys here: from my teammate Mark Oldershaw, to Attila Vajda on his home course, Vadim Menkov world champ from last year, Matt Goubel from france second place last year, the other Hungarian Sarudi who nipped me out in my heat and everyone else in there as well. Naming names is annoying because now i realize i’ve most likely misspelt about half the above names and have no clue as to how to spell the guys i’ve left out. Forgive me.

Tomorrow the 1000m final goes down at around 3:40 Hungary time, thats 9:40 for you lot back in Montreal. Check my previous post for the link to the schedule and results. Good night!

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