Trials Are a Coming…

Our national team trials are upon us this coming weekend (May 15th-16th) at the Olympic Basin in Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. I’m really excited to be racing again, it seems like forever since our last race which was in September, and starting the season off on my home course will be great. It’s been windy and mostly pretty warm training these past few weeks here in Montreal, with a few notable exceptions…like yesterday 2 degrees and snowing, but those exceptions aside it has been great to be training on a course.  If the weekend goes well my schedule changes abruptly after this weekend with a trip to Europe the following weekend and then back-to-back World Cups in Hungary and Germany the following weeks. After that it’s back home to train and prepare for another set of trials in mid July and then the World Champs in Poland mid August.

The first World Cup happened this past weekend in Vichy France and our Canadian rep Adam Van K was there and he earned himself and bronze and silver with some blistering fast times. Apparently the rumor is it had been raining so much they couldn’t close the damn so the current was outta control. I certainly hope that’s the case because the winning c-1 1000m time was 14 seconds faster then I’ve ever gone at a 3:36. It’s almost like racing 925 meter as opposed to 1000m.  Current isn’t the end of world when it’s even, but it rarely is the same across a course so I hope Vichy has it all worked out prior to their hosting of the World Championships and the Olympic Qualifier next year.

In other news I was lucky enough to attend the Olympic Hall of Fame Gala put on by the COC and witness the induction of Kayaker Caroline Brunet to the Hall of Fame, along with the likes of Bruny Surin. It’s was quite the evening, it’s not everyday I sit down at a table where the cost of my seat would have been $1250, and Jean-Charest and Stephen Harper open the evening. Not to mention the winter Olympians everywhere, it was really great getting a chance to see the winter athletes for a change, they’re a group we tend not to see too much of due to conflicting seasons. Last weekend I got to check out some Canada Cup diving and watched Despatie win the competition by 1.5 points!!! courtesy of Mitch Geller from Diving Canada and his brother Rob and sister in-law Terry…Thanks for a great sunday afternoon!!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing all the canoers that I haven’t seen this past month and lining up and taking some good hard strokes with them. As I said above it’s exciting to be back racing and if the weather is nice it should be a great weekend.

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