Bad News…Channel

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot about it… But first an update about yours truly I’m back in Montreal, busy training for trials two and getting settled in my new pad. I’ve been watching some soccer and enjoying the sideshow in Toronto. I’m not sure if the black eye on the face of Toronto and Canada is violent protestors or the billion dollar price tag on this thing. I can’t help but wonder what else a billion dollars could do.

Anyway the other depressing thing that I had written about but neglected to publish was about the new news channel:

The announcement by Quebecor Media that they have a new 24 hour news channel for 2011 is sad. Quebecor is apparently waiting for approval by the CRTC for the channel that promises “hard news / straight talk” and has been dubbed Fox News North by other members of the media…oh yay!

First of all, I’m not sure what “hard news” even is, but if it’s solid unbiased reporting then our new news channel will be nothing like Fox News. However, if “hard news” really means sensationalist loudmouths like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly we’re in trouble.  It is beyond me why we in Canada need to emulate a network known for attacking homosexuals, minorities, Obama’s 11-year old daughter and anything even remotely left wing. The second someone watches Fox news with a little bit of skepticism it is clear that they aren’t really a news channel so much as an entertainment channel. For once I’m for the CRTC censoring something, or at least keeping a close eye on whatever this ends up being. Hard to believe that Quebecor actually thinks we’re missing a right-wing voice in this nation, perhaps they may have just realized they’re missing an opportunity for a cash cow. My big hope is that Canada proves to classy to watch it and the channel dies a slow and costly death.

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