World Champ Training and GO PCCC!

It’s been a while, again, but I’m alive and getting geared up to race at the World Championships in Poznan, Poland. The team is leaving for Poland on Monday, but first I’ve got a weekend of racing coming up during our Provincial championships.  It’s always fun to put on the green Pointe-Claire singlet and hammer out a few races at Provincials. I’ll be in a few C1’s C2’s and a C4, with guys from the club that I don’t get to race with often enough. To all my club mates, lets kick some butt this weekend!!

In Poznan, as of right now, I’m racing a few events, two of which are new to me at the world level. I’ll be racing the C-1 5000m, a first time event at the World Championships and a first time racing the event for me. It will be a strange one that’s for sure; usually I race a km in a straight line, not 5km turning every 500m so the race promises to be messy, hard and fun….I hope. My other new event is the C2-500m, which I’ll be racing with Ben “prince of Dartmouth..or at least the horseshoe” Russell of Dartmouth Nova Scotia. I raced with Ben in the C4-1000m last year and will be again racing with Ben in that event where we will team up with Ian “P-S-H” Mortimer, again from last year, and finally a new comer to the World Champs but not the world scene, Jamie “I’ll drive” Andison.

Through some confusion with selection this year, when the team was first announced I was only racing the 5KM, then Ben was added to the team and we started training C2, then Jamie and Ian were added and all of sudden we had a only a few weeks to prepare for Worlds! We just finished the domestic side of that short training time and just got back from a brief but very intense training camp in Nova Scotia where we hammered out C4 and C2 work ceaselessly. We had Tamas  Buday Sr, the team coach, gently telling us to do more and not to stop. Gently means something “you can do it, it’s only four sets” and a look saying “I used to do it, don’t be a wimp”. Anyway it was really constructive and though all our bodies are pretty shot from four super intense days and eight hard workouts we’ll have ample time to recover before competition.  My thanks to Banook Canoe Club for hosting us and Jeff Houser and the Atlantic Sports Center for us of their motorboat. We were last minute with our plans, but it felt like we belonged and that makes training all the easier.

Not much else to report from the past little while. I guess I’ve been getting settled back in Montreal and working on some other projects I’ve got on the go that I’ll hopefully be able to get going soon.

I’ll be updating more frequently from Poland so follow my twitter (see right) and keep checking out the site.

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