Worlds X 2

We’re getting to race the World Champs starting this upcoming Thursday, but as a prelude to our races were being treated to a show by the World Masters Championships taking place as I write this here in Poznan. The best thing about these WMCs is that two of our staff members Bernie “Bernadette, I wish I had a G on the end of my name” Irvin and Greg “My accent is still strong despite 20 years of being in Canada” Redman are competing.  Two ex-members of the national team, they decided late this week that they would show us how it’s done, or was done, by tempting fate and lighting it up this weekend. Bernie has made a final in the C1-500m and Greg just missed out his K1-500m final, however they both have another opportunity tomorrow in the 2km event.

Enough about them, “attention on me” as my sister likes to say. I’ve been training hard with the boys in C1 C2 and C4 and things are coming together. We had a really hard first few days here in Poland but from here on out it’s recovery time. Essentially, recovery time for me equals lying in bed awake and getting antsy.

Tomorrow we get the full canoe team here together for the first time, when A-russ, Gab and Mark arrive from their training in jolie France. They’ve been there for about two weeks taking it to the French team, and vice versa, getting prepped for Worlds.

There isn’t a whole lot to report at this stage of the game. It’s pretty boring here most days and I spend the majority of my time in my hotel room reading or watching Mad Men. A group of us were talking last night about how different these trips have become since the advent of laptops. I remember my very first tour, nine years ago, there were no athletes with laptops, even in 2005/2006 only a few had them. Not only on tour, but even in Florida just a few years ago it was a rarity to have a laptop, and if you were one of the few who did everyone borrowed it to check email.  As we were talking it became apparent that none of us could really remember what we used to do before we could watch movies or tv, or waste time of facebook. We decided that we used to talk and read more. It’s obvious when you think about it, but nonetheless remarkable, that we can now be closer to those at home, 7000km away, than we are with people right down the hallway. Good or bad it’s not changing any time soon, I just can’t wait till there are transporters.

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