First Bike of the Season

I went for my first “real” bike ride today…ouch. Not too long, onlyabout 16km but downtown and up and down the mountain which, in my current state of not at all in cycling shape, meant lots of spit and pain.

Here’s a google map of the route I took minus a few hundred meters start and end, as well as the graph of the ride which features gradient (Brown line), speed (Green line), HR (orange line) HR zones (the rainbow in the back with red at the top being about 180 and blue at the bottom is around 140), the filled blue line is the altitude and gives an idea as to the shape of the ride.  It’s important to note that this was slow and I’m aware of it.

At the top of Mount Royal, a 1.65km climb with a gradient range of 5%to 16%, 5% being not much but 16% being pretty tough, I had to take brake which I hopefully will avoid now that I’ve broken the ice on that type of pain. Anyway that climb takes me about a 6 very long minutes, and most of it is out of the saddle. There was a shorter climb on the Universite-de-Montreal campus where the gradient gets up to around 20% which is not fun for someone who essentially doesn’t ride, but I didn’t fall!

As a disclaimer I’m not a fast rider and not a frequent rider so those people who rip it up everyday up wild hills without a second thought permit me my delusions about difficulty.

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