Post Season Wrap

I’m starting with a mea culpa: I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t been updating nearly enough. I’ve got a few things to write about but too start I’m doing a post-season wrap.


On a personal level, the Worlds were pretty good. There was a lot of friction involved in naming the final team and because of that our training period in C4 was reduced from short to nearly impossible. Our race was strong the end result isn’t what we would have liked, but nonetheless with our minimal preparation it was far from the disaster it could’ve been.  I also raced the C2-500m this year with Ben Russell, and we had a surprisingly good result! Again some selection issues got in the way of training, but far less then those affecting the C4 and with only a few weeks of training we were in the middle of the field in the final.

The rest of the team had its ups and its downs as well. It’s not my place to speak specifics but overall it’s safe to say the team didn’t have its best year at the Worlds.  That happens and some things definitely need a shake up to ensure it doesn’t happen again. However, in the defense of myself and my teammates I don’t think this Worlds is indicative of where we will be in two years time during the London games. Next year is a different story and we (all of CKC from admin to coaches and athletes) have to step up our performances for the Olympic qualifying in Szeged, Hungary.  The good news is that I know my teammates can, and will, do it if given the tools to succeed. The skills are there and a turn around is more than possible, I think it’s probable.  Once again I’m proud to done the Leaf and race be on a team with all these awesome athletes.


From the Worlds to nationals in 27hours! Travelling was what happened the day after the World Championships ended. We traveled directly from Poznan, Poland to Regina, Saskatchewan to compete at the national champs.  My club, Pointe-Claire, had a pretty good national finishing 9th overall and the top club out of Quebec.  It’s great to watch athletes that were learning how to paddle a few short years ago, kicking some ass on a national level.


Quite a bit has been going on this fall: I had my first hurricane when Earl stopped by the east coast, did some hiking, had a great AthletesCAN board meeting, and got to cut my chops at commentary with Vic Rauter for tomorrows (Saturday the 18th at 2pm est on TSN) broadcast of the Mazda Knockout.  The new format was fun to watch though racing in it would have been a challenge to say the least.

I’ve got some bigger news coming soon.

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