I’ve been bad again. I haven’t been updating very often because there isn’t a whole lot on which to report. I’ve been busy with school and training hard down here in Florida. There’s a good crew of paddlers down here and we’ve been pushing each other on the water and in the gym. The water has been excellent (=flat) and the weather has been hovering around 25c most days.

This is a short camp for us, at only three weeks, and then it’s back to the cold in Montreal for about a week and then I had to South America to climb a mountain. More on that later.

Big news in my association, Canoe Kayak Canada sprint side has found a new High Performance Director in Barney Wainwright. Graham Barton, the previous HPD, was snatched up by own the podium around the end of summer and officially stepped down on Oct. 1st. It was a big deal for me and, I think, most of us because Graham had been in the role our whole careers. I know I’ll miss Graham but it’s always exciting to see what fresh eyes can bring to a team.

Anyway that’s the update!