I’ve obviously not been posting and the reason why is there isn’t much to report. Life is good and training is hard. I’ve been in Florida for just under two months now and I’m feeling fit and a tired, which is what you’re supposed to be at this point.

I’ve been keeping busy by putting together a Fender Strat and reading some great sci-fi as well as some non-fiction that I wish were sci-fi.

I’ve got about three more weeks down here in my second home and then it’s back up to Montreal and the Olympic basin to do final prep for Team Trials on May 8th.

We had a special guest here in Florida this year. Andreas Dittmer came over from Germany to provide some technical help for the canoe team. For those who don’t know Andreas is one of the best ever canoe paddlers, and is known for his incredible technique and efficiency. It was a real honour to be able to go for a casual paddle with a legend in our sport. I’ll try to have a video of us floating down the canal posted to my youtube channel soon.

I’ll have a fan page up on facebook shortly. Keep an eye out for a like button on this site.

That’s all for now. Take care.