New Site and Florida Goodbyes

I’ve redone my site and added in a facebook widget for my new fan page. Check it out!

Florida camp is a wrap…almost. I’ve got one last paddle this afternoon and then tomorrow I’m on the road with some sci-fi on tape to keep me going during the long long night.

This training camp was a great one. All the boys in the canoe group are on their A game and as fit as I’ve ever seen them.  I think we’ll be near the top of the pack come world cups in May. Personally, the camp went really well. I had some ups and downs, as always, but for the most part I feel like I made some serious technical and fitness improvements.

I also made a few rookie mistakes and over trained my ass off for a week and then died like a newbie before that cycle ended. It’s a funny thing how fine a balance it is between a maintainable load and a training load that you can’t handle. Literally just a few extra paddles and I was toast.

In the end though I’m better off for having made some mistakes. It was a good reminder of how well one can train as long as one stays in the appropriate zones and recovers adequately.

Anyway, I’m excited to be heading home to Montreal despite the miserable training that will happen on the cold, grey Olympic basin. It’ll be nice to work with Coach Mike and spend some time focusing on the final touches need for trials in may.