Training is as training does…or something.

Once again I get to start a blog with a mea culpa. I left my updates at a rather critical time and I’m sorry. I’ll briefly sum up the World Cup I neglected to finish writing about: It was good. Ben and I raced our first international C2 to a very strong fourth place, and had we not been as timid during the first half of the race I think we could have nailed down and bronze and been fighting for second. Nonetheless it was a good showing and we’re excited to be racing for the world championship spot later on this summer.

As i write this, I’m on my way home from a beautiful (seriously, it was nice) week in Dartmouth Nova Scotia having just finished a week of C2 work with Ben on lake Banook. Prior to this mini camp, for the two weeks in the middle of June, we (the canoe team en masse) were in a two week training camp in Ottawa sweating and working hard reestablishing a strong aerobic base from which we can build on later in the summer. This means hard work and suffering, but it’s also satisfying to finish a good hard training camp.

In Montreal Ben and I will be back at it in C2 once again enjoying the basin and training with Tamas and Mike. The goal for the next two weeks is simply fine tuning and prepping to race well at trials in July.

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