It’s people! Human Books are made out of people!

Tomorrow I get turned into a human book….hence theĀ Charlton Heston esque title of this post. If you get it you do, if not don’t worry.

I’ll be at the Pointe-Claire Public Library participating in the Human Library. A human Library is just like a normal library but with people. I’ll be signed out “read” and returned. The idea was formed in Denmark in the early 1990s by a group call “Stop the Violence” and they say what it’s all about better than I can, so head over to to find out more.

I’m not the only book available, you may have seen the article in the WI section of the Gazette this Wednesday but if not i’ll be joined by my Ma who is there talking about PCCC, a World War Two vet (who I will loan as soon as I get a chance) and a whole bunch of other amazing people with fascinating stories to tell about themselves and Pointe-Claire.

Anyway come check us out (that was to easy)!