Many Thanks to Many People

It’s been a busy time since my last post; not busy enough to excuse the time between posts, but busy nonetheless. I’ve been to Florida, Halifax, Quebec City, Ottawa and, of course, home. I’m heading down to Florida again next week and I can’t wait to get back in my boat. I’m in a great space training wise and having coach Mike back has been a real help in terms of focus and consistency, two areas I believe are keys to success. This isn’t a journey one takes alone and apart from friends, family, coaches and loved ones (my girls in Florida I shall see shortly!) there are a few companies under the sponsorship tab above that I don’t thank enough, and I’m thrilled to be able to add Lasik MD to my list of sponsors.

Through a serendipitous meeting at a CTV function in the fall I met a team of professionals that were ready to help. I had the procedure yesterday, performed by The Dr. Cohen, and it was painless (I experienced only mild discomfort), speedy and well worth it. A day later I’m seeing 20/20 and feeling almost 100%. I’ll provide a few updates along the way but the improvement was almost instantaneous and should only progress from here. Thank you to Lasik MD for no more dry contacts while training and racing and brining me into your family.

I’ve also had a recent stint in the public health care world courtesy of the CHUM hospital network and I received excellent service and care.

This litany of thanks isn’t a regular feature on my blog, at least when it’s updated, but my inner cynic has been sorely tried in the past few months. Whether in the private or public health care system or simply in meeting and working with great people (I’m looking at you AthletesCAN) I’m in a great space leading up to this important summer and couldn’t ask for more.

I’ll be posting more often as I don’t have as much on my plate for the next few months, other than that three times a day hobby called training.

Once again thanks to everyone at Lasik MD.

Till next time!