Movement Power and Efficiency

Never fear, this isn’t a blog about the beauty of sport. Though the movements of sport can be beautiful it is, for the athlete, most of the time, a miserable battle between your mind and body punctuated by moments of near perfection when they stop fighting and bring you, in your practised field, into a moment of sublime focus also known as that annoying cliche that sounds like a sci-fi TV series: The Zone. Kids, if you’re lucky, this happens more than once a career; I’ve managed it about three times in 15 years. Anyway, this blog is a catch up with my goings on, eyes and, a shout out to my friends at Vis Motus, which is latin for the title of this post. They’ve hooked me up with some wicked orthodics in an effort to help correct my many months long battle with plantar fasciitis. I’ll post a picture of some of the cool customization they can do. Check out their FB page and twitter, both can be found via my accounts for more info. Great guys with a great product.

I’m in mostly sunny Florida training with Coach Mike and training hard. I’ll spare the details as they’ve been written here before and it’s a given that most elite athletes exercise and in doing so sweat and work hard. The big picture is that we’re training two to four times a day and it’s going well.

Do mine eyes deceive me? Yes and frequently. I’ve had the pleasure of catching myself thinking I have to remove my contacts because I see so well. I find myself reading and pausing to calculate when I will need to get ready for practice and planning the extra minute or so it takes to wash my hands and put in my contacts. Old Habits die hard but die they must! Thanks again LASIK.