Northern Forest Canoe Trail

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was doing this little paddling trip in May and June, and that I would provide some updates. Here is an update:

The trip is set to begin on May 15th with an early drive to Old Forge, NY followed by the first miles on the water. I’m hoping for the roughly 1200km trip to take around 30 days, but as Al Swearengen from Deadwood said “Announcin’ your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.” In other words, I expect there to be some delays.

I’ve got most of my gear organized and everything should fit nicely into my massive dry bag from MEC (pictured below.) That streak of brown and white is Liesl, my miniature dachshund, who will be joining me for the trip (Una is not as convinced as I am L will enjoy herself…). So far I’ve got two confirmed companions, other than L, that will help to start the trip off. Hopefully a few more will join for the second half…Matt…..Mitch….


I’ve also got together about 90% of my food, and some other essentials I needed like rope and a new tarp. (yes, food and rope and a tarp are of equal importance when you like gear.)

IMG_9523Photo Credit: E.Hall

I’ve been going over the 13 maps making rough plans for where I’ll camp…etc. Leaving plenty of room for eventualities. It took Odysseus ten years after all.



Finally, the one essential item on a canoe trip: the canoe.

I’ll be picking up my boat from H20 this Friday at Frontenac Outfitters in Kingston, ON.  If you’re in the area or up for a drive I suggest getting your self to Frontenac Outfitters over the weekend. It’s their annual spring sale and open house. You can test boats and gear, and get a great deal. I’ll have plenty of pics of the boat up soon. I expect it’ll be fast enough that I’ll want to make an appearance in the Men’s C1-1000m at trails 1 in Montreal…though I think I’m too late to register. Damn.

Anyway that’s it for now. Pics of the boat will be up ASAP as well as more details and links to my SPOT page so you can follow my progress.

Take care,