Where Were We?

Since my last post a few things have happened that I think are worth mentioning. The two biggest are: That I’ll starting a Masters of Journalism at Carleton University next fall—yes, I’m finally moving to Ottawa—and that I’ll be going on another adventure this summer.

Journalism: Without reprinting my letter of intent here’s why: I’ve dealt with journalist since my mid-teens (all positive interactions), and many of my favorite authors and thinkers were/are journalists. Apart from what I think are prerequisite ideas about truth, transparency, and the ever-growing need to reflect on our role in a democracy, I was drawn to journalism because of the variety of options within the field, and the potential to effect change.

To try and gain some experience I’ve been doing profiles for Sportcafe.ca—which I’m going to update now that the semester is finally done—and, I’m also lucky to be doing some work for the website of Canoe & Kayak Magazine, canoekayak.com. Over the next few months I plan to make some changes in this site to reflect the changes in my life, so stay tuned!

Adventure:  My faithful, biannual, readers will recall that in December 2010 I made a solo bid to climb Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. I made it thousands of feet higher than I had ever been, but due to some health issues I turned back. Now I’m going with a medium of adventure I’m more familiar with, the canoe. I’m in the midst of preparations for a May-June paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

The NFCT is about 1200km long and stretches from Old Forge, New York to the Maine-New Brunswick border near Edmundston.  Apart from Liesl, my miniature dachshund, I hope to have some partners for some sections of the trip.  I’ll be going light and fast in a canoe graciously provided by Jeff Hill from H20 Paddlesport Inc. a Canadian boat manufacturer based in Tavistock, Ontario.

I contacted Jeff a few months ago, explaining the trip and what I was looking for and said he could help me.  Please take a moment to check out H20’s website and Facebook page. I’ll have pictures of the boat soon.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, the obvious answer is because it looks fun. The less obvious answers are because I like a challenge, and I have the time right now and I may not later. The least obvious answer is that I feel like by focusing on sprint for so many years I didn’t have a chance to spend the time I’d have liked to in a traditional canoe. Coach Mike and I have made occasional short trips—the last one was roughly 60% portaging, I’m now convinced it was a training exercise—but never anything long enough to settle into the ancient rhythm of a canoe stroke and disengage from “the real world.” While I have the freedom, I’m going to enjoy it.

I’ll have some more trip posts up soon, with more links, photos, maps…etc.

Thanks for reading!