Hitting the Water…

Tomorrow I’ll be starting the NFCT with Marc Creamer, head coach at PCCC and brother to Coach Mike. He’ll be with me for the first 90 miles, then it’s solo time until near the end of the trip when my best bud Matt should be joining me for the last week or so.  Like on Aconcagua I’ll have my SPOT GPS going, and, I expect, much like on Aconcagua, it’ll work sporadically. Regardless, here’s a link to my spot page: Spot Map, so you can follow along, I hope.

I’ll be tweeting when I can, and sharing pictures that way as well.

If you’re on the trail and happen to see the boat below being paddled by a forlorn and hungry looking man, accompanied by a piebald miniature dachshund with a desperate, ‘please take me home,’ look in her eye,  please say hello.